SIFEM - Swiss Investment Fund for Emerging Markets

Strategic objectives 2014-2017

The Swiss Federal Council is responsible for defining the strategic objectives for SIFEM, which serve as guidelines for investment activities.

SIFEM shall be an acknowledged, highly effective and efficient instrument of Switzerland’s economic development cooperation and serve to promote long-term, sustainable and broad-based growth in developing and emerging countries; it is tasked with helping such countries become integrated in the global economic system. 

  • SIFEM will provide financing which is either unavailable on the market or not available at reasonable terms and conditions, or in sufficient amounts or maturity.
  • In its investment activity SIFEM will adhere to the basic principles of financial, economic, social and environmental sustainability
  • SIFEM will mobilize optimum additional capital from other private and institutional investors.
  • SIFEM will carry out investments that not only fill a gap in financing but also add tangible value, such as know-how transfers and technical support. 
  • SIFEM will concentrate its activities on the priority countries and regions of Swiss development cooperation.