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Championing economic opportunities for women in Africa – first 2X Flagship Fund

SIFEM and various other Development Finance Institutions (DFIs), including CDC, DEG, FMO, Proparco, SwedFund, and FinDev, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Development Partners International LLP (DPI) whose latest Fund (African Development Partners III) is to become the first 2X Flagship Fund.

DPI is a leading pan-African private equity firm with USD 1.7 billion of assets under management. Vehicles awarded status as 2X Flagship Funds are established, high performing private equity funds, focused on emerging markets, that have committed to investing with a gender lens using the 2X criteria. 

With African Development Partners III (ADP III) qualifying as the first 2X Flagship Fund, DPI is affirming its clear and long-standing commitment to advancing women’s economic empowerment and promoting gender equity both at DPI and within its portfolio companies in ADP III. Applying a gender lens helps investors unlock the multi-trillion-dollar opportunity that women represent in the global economy.

2X Flagship Funds are part of the 2X Challenge, a multilateral initiative launched by the DFIs of the G7 countries. SIFEM joined the 2X Challenge in October 2019. In June 2020, the 2X Challenge exceeded its initial target by having committed and mobilised USD 4.5 billion in capital towards women’s economic empowerment. 

Kathryn Imboden, SIFEM Board Member, said: “SIFEM promotes a transformative agenda and we are very pleased that we are among the Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) investing in the first 2X Flagship Fund. As a 2X Flagship Fund, the bar has been set high for our partners at DPI, but given their size and reputation, we are certain that it will have a positive impact on women’s economic empowerment in Africa.”

Contact: Simon Denoth, Obviam Communication Manager, SIFEM Head of Public Affairs,, +41 31 310 09 38

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