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New SIFEM Impact Report – 2020 Edition – with a focus on jobs

The latest SIFEM Impact Report gives an overview of the institution’s investment activity and the composition of its portfolio. In the context of this extraordinary year 2020, the report also puts particular emphasis on the creation and support of decent jobs in target countries, one of the main developmental focus areas for SIFEM.

As a result of the current COVID-19 crisis, many successes and achievements in this field are now at risk of unravelling. The report explores the role of SIFEM in creating and supporting decent jobs and details the characteristics of jobs prior to the crisis, based on December 2019 portfolio data, but also investigates the potential consequences and implications of the crisis. At this moment, its impact cannot be fully fathomed. Even if SIFEM portfolio companies have so far been remarkably resilient, some job destruction appears to be inevitable, and much will depend on the timing as well as the pace of the economic recovery. 

For your information: the German and French language versions of this report will be available in early 2021. 

SIFEM Impact Report - 2020 Edition

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