SIFEM - Swiss Investment Fund for Emerging Markets


SIFEM’s climate approach has been formalized and approved by its board of directors. It outlines the principles to tackle the urgent need for climate action in alignment with Switzerland's International Cooperation Strategy 2021-24, SIFEM's Strategic Objectives 2021- 2024 set by the Swiss government, and SIFEM’s Approach to Responsible Investment. 

SIFEM invests and mobilizes funds for climate change mitigation and adaptation, while its focus remains on the support of economic resilience in developing markets. SIFEM has also committed to harmonization with other development finance institutions in its climate commitments. The Climate Approach translates into two main objectives for SIFEM's investment strategy: Paris Alignment for all new investments, and increasing climate investments, allocating at least 25% of new investments to opportunities in both the climate mitigation and adaptation spaces.

Find the SIFEM's Climate Approach here.

Contact: Mirjam Garzon, Deputy Head Business Services Management,, +41 79 660 35 49