SIFEM - Swiss Investment Fund for Emerging Markets

Development Impact

SIFEM  is an impact investor, as all SIFEM investments are made with the intent to generate a measurable development impact, based on specific indicators and corresponding targets in developing and emerging countries, including job creation, skills development, tax payments, financial sector deepening and diversification, and implementation of international best practice environmental, social and governance standards.


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The SIFEM portfolio together with its co-financiers has created and supported over 870,000 jobs since its inception in 2005.


70% of the portfolio companies (post-2013 investments) have formal training in place for their employees. 

5,882 GWh of clean energy prduced and 5.5 million tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided (together with investment partners) in 2019.


All of SIFEM’s investments contributed to the diversification of credit and capital allocation by providing finance to business segments that had have been insufficiently serviced in the past. 

40% of the total workforce of the portfolio companies is female (post-2013 investments)

SIFEM's recent investees and their underlying portfolios paid USD 2,370 mn in taxes to their governments (2019).


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