Swiss Investment Fund
for Emerging Markets

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Impactful funds, flexible loans, and strategic advisory services.


From impactful funds and flexible loans to strategic advisory services, discover how we support sustainable growth in emerging markets


SIFEM primarily adopts an indirect investment approach, wherein the majority of investments are allocated to funds. 

Private Equity Funds

We take equity shares in funds that secure stakes in local small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). These funds play a dynamic role in actively fostering these enterprises’ growth and professional development. We prefer partnerships with established fund managers with a positive track record, and cannot consider seed-stage VC funds.

Private Debt Funds

Occasionally, we invest in funds which provide mid-term loans or other forms of working capital to local SMEs, aiming to bolster their growth strategies.


SIFEM provides different types of loans to financial intermediaries such as local banks, leasing companies, micro-financing companies and other financial institutions. The loans may be earmarked for a specific purpose such as the expansion of the product offering to underserved communities or for climate projects. 


We provide access to SECO’s capacity-building program, offering financial intermediaries specialized resources for initiatives that amplify the developmental impact of their projects. These advisory mandates primarily assist local investment firms in various aspects, including the adoption of new technologies, enhancement of production processes, optimization of sales and marketing efforts, and adherence to environmental, social, and governance standards. Moreover, consultancy services are available to financial institutions seeking to broaden their services for underserved customer segments or to address climate-related objectives.

Portfolio Overview

Discover the size and composition of SIFEM’s portfolio, as well as where it is invested.

Portfolio Overview

Discover the size and composition of SIFEM’s portfolio, as well as where it is invested.