Swiss Investment Fund
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Committed to good governance, efficiency and transparency.


Meet the team behind SIFEM committed to good governance, efficiency and transparency


SIFEM AG is a private limited company, the shares of which are 100% owned by the Swiss Confederation. It is legally domiciled in Bern, Switzerland, under UID CHE-112.401.487. The shareholder rights are exercised by the Federal Council, the highest executive authority in the country. The State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), together with the Federal Finance Administration (FFA), assume supervisory and controlling functions ensuring that investments are fully in line with their remit and that federal funds are used purposefully. 

Board of Directors

SIFEM’s Board of Directors is elected by the Swiss Federal Council. The seven-member board is responsible for implementing the strategic objectives and reporting to the parliamentary oversight bodies. It sets the investment strategy and takes investment decisions that adhere to certain guidelines and objectives. Furthermore, the Board is responsible for the selection and supervision of the operational partners executing SIFEM’s operational tasks.

Board Committees

Investment Committee (IC)

The Investment Committee assesses, verifies, and decides on all investment and disinvestment decisions in SIFEM’s investment portfolio, each within the scope of Switzerland’s international cooperation strategy. It works closely with the portfolio manager who is responsible for the pre-selection and preparation of investment proposals and its execution and supervision.

Audit Committee (AC)

The Audit Committee assumes a controlling function related to the financial statements and the budget, the valuation of the investment portfolio, and internal controls and risk management.

Performance and Impact Committee (PIC)

The Performance and Impact Committee ensures compliance of SIFEM with good corporate governance practices. It guides the Board in relation to the strategic objectives for SIFEM and annual objectives for and evaluation of the Portfolio Manager and the Business Services Manager. The committee reviews the quality and consistency of reporting, as well as the methodology and tools used to measure the impact and ESG criteria of SIFEM’s investments.

Operational Partners

We operate with trusted partners. To uphold robust governance, optimize operational efficiency, and capitalize on established expertise and track records, SIFEM divides its operations into two core functions: portfolio management and business services management, overseen by designated partner companies. These expert teams collaborate closely with the Board of Directors to fulfill SIFEM’s objectives and responsibilities and are empowered to represent SIFEM publicly.

The Portfolio Manager sources, identifies and advises on investment opportunities, conducts the investment cycle management, monitoring and reporting, performs the business and strategic planning, financial, transaction, liquidity, development impact and ESG, and risk management, as well as other day-to-day operations.

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The Business Services Manager performs policy-related activities in support of the Board of Directors. It is responsible for representative functions, administrative functions, the financial management of the Board’s administrative expenses, external reporting, compliance with Swiss laws, communication functions and support the Board in its strategic, planning and oversight roles.

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Governance & legal basis

The purpose and basic mandate are described in the Ordinance on International Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid as well as in the Ordinance on Cooperation with the States of Eastern Europe.

The Swiss National Council (the parliament) is currently discussing the draft of a Federal Act that will transform the existing regulation of SIFEM into law.

Learn more about SIFEM’s Articles of incorporation.

Our people

Meet the dedicated team behind SIFEM’s impact-driven mission. 

Our people

Meet the dedicated team behind SIFEM’s impact-driven mission.