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iCare Benefits Cambodia
iCare Benefits Cambodia (iCare) provides an innovative financing solution for affordable quality products and services to low-income clients. Its target market are the employees of Cambodian garment factories, and its primary products are essential home appliances and electronics – consumer products which make their clients’ lives easier and more enjoyable. SIFEM invested in iCare via the Laos-Cambodia-Myanmar Development Fund II in 2015.

Case study (pdf)

Amret Microfinance Institute is a Cambodian microfinance institution (MFI) providing innovative financial products and services to low-income clients based in rural areas. SIFEM provided a USD 8.4 million loan to Amret in 2017 in order to allow Amret to expand further its financial inclusion agenda.

Read more about Amret in the case study (pdf)

Agruni, Rwanda

Agruni is a waste collection company that collects, separates and partially recycles waste. The aim is to create jobs, preserve the environment and reduce waste. SIFEM provided a loan to purchase a waste sorting machine. 

For more information about Agruni, please read the case study (pdf)

Mother Mary, Rwanda

Mother Mary is a private school in Kigali that offers classes from kindergarten to 12th grade. The school is experiencing strong growth. With the SIFEM loan Mother Mary was able to build an additional school building with six more classrooms.

Case Study (pdf)

Delifrost, Costa Rica

Delifrost is a family business in Costa Rica, which processes pineapples into large pieces, freezes them, packs them and exports them to a large extent. The SIFEM loan allowed Delifrost to buy a pineapple plantation, improve the quality of the fruit and open up new international export markets.