SIFEM - Swiss Investment Fund for Emerging Markets

2023: A year of impactful investment and steadfast commitment

As SIFEM bids farewell to an extraordinary year, we reflect on our continued efforts to reduce poverty and foster sustainable, inclusive, and resilient economies through impactful investments.


In 2023, SIFEM proudly committed over USD 143.5 million to support small- and medium-sized enterprises in developing countries, working through local financial intermediaries.

Despite challenging economic and macropolitical conditions, SIFEM maintained a steadfast focus on key development objectives, including:

  • Creating and securing more and better jobs.
  • Expanding opportunities for underserved communities.
  • Advancing 'just transition' projects for low-carbon economic growth.

This progress reflects the unwavering support of our valued partners. We extend our deepest gratitude for being an integral part of SIFEM's journey.

Looking ahead to 2024, SIFEM remains resolutely committed to generating positive economic, social, and environmental impacts. Together, let's strive for another year of unprecedented achievements and collaborative success.