SIFEM - Swiss Investment Fund for Emerging Markets

SIFEM Announces Two Strategic Investments to Bolster Sustainable Development in Emerging Markets

In a step towards promoting sustainable economic growth and job creation in developing countries, SIFEM is pleased to announce two new investments, targeting a diverse range of sectors and regions.


Source: Darby

SIFEM's venture into the Armenian market, with an EUR 8 million subordinate loan to ACBA Bank, is poised to strengthen financial services for farmers and agribusinesses. This investment specifically targets rural and financially excluded populations, underscoring SIFEM's commitment to comprehensive economic inclusion.

Further south, the USD 15 million investment in Darby Latin America Fund IV, likely Latin America’s first green debt fund,  reflects SIFEM's strategy to bolster growing mid-cap companies in the region suffering from limited access to long term finance. Sectors targeted also include renewable energy and agribusiness. This is a testament to SIFEM's dedication to climate mitigation and job creation in key regions.

These investments collectively embody SIFEM's dedication to fostering resilient and sustainable economies in emerging markets, marking an important stride in global development efforts.

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