SIFEM - Swiss Investment Fund for Emerging Markets


Susanne Grossmann and Julia Balandina Jaquier conclude their successful tenure and are replaced by Laurie J. Spengler and Pascal Pierra to continue deploying SIFEM's development investment strategy.

Jörg Frieden, Susanne Grossmann, State Secretary Helene Budliger Artieda, Julia Balandina Jaquier, Pascal Pierra


SIFEM bids farewell to two esteemed members of its Board of Directors, Susanne Grossmann and Julia Balandina Jaquier, as they conclude their maximum term of service after 12 years. Since SIFEM's inception, both Julia and Susanne have made invaluable contributions to SIFEM’s establishment, playing instrumental roles in shaping its strategy and deploying close to USD 1 billion in investment portfolio. Their extensive experience and expertise have been pivotal in positioning SIFEM as a trusted and committed partner within the DFI and in driving SIFEM's mission to foster sustainable economic development and create positive societal and environmental change. SIFEM thanks them for their outstanding dedication and leadership throughout their tenure.

During SIFEM's Annual General meeting held on 5 May 2023, two new board members were elected. SIFEM is delighted to welcome Laurie J. Spengler and Pascal Pierra to the Board of Directors, two highly accomplished professionals with remarkable track records in impact and development finance.

Laurie brings extensive experience in impact investing, having spearheaded numerous successful initiatives in her career. Her profound understanding of the industry dynamics, combined with her strategic vision, will undoubtedly contribute to SIFEM's efforts to drive positive change.

Pascal, a seasoned expert in development investments, has a wealth of experience in mobilizing capital to address global challenges. His deep knowledge of emerging markets and sustainable finance will greatly support SIFEM's ability to identify and finance impactful projects.

SIFEM’s chairman Jörg Frieden: “I express my gratitude to the outgoing board members, Julia and Susanne, for their exceptional service and contributions to the achievement of SIFEM’s ambitious strategic and impact goals. They were with SIFEM since its inception and will be missed. Simultaneously, I would like to extend a warm welcome to Laurie and Pascal, trusting that their invaluable insights and expertise will complement the current governance perfectly.”

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