SIFEM - Swiss Investment Fund for Emerging Markets

Strategic Objectives 2021-2024

The Swiss Federal Council is responsible for defining the Strategic Objectives for SIFEM, which serve as guidelines for investment activities. 

The Federal Council expects that SIFEM:

  • takes measures to limit the negative impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the financial and impact results or to strive to preserve the value of the portfolio. To this end, it can provide financial and advisory support to existing private equity funds, financial intermediaries and portfolio companies that combine proven business models, social responsibility and proven development impact;
  • contributes to growth in developing countries and emerging markets by encouraging the flourishing of the local private sector, in addition to other economic development cooperation measures;
  • focuses on the preservation and creation of decent jobs, the observance of proper working conditions and the strengthening of professional competence - based on the experience that decent jobs are central to poverty reduction and social inclusion in developing and emerging countries and offer an alternative to irregular migration. In this way, SIFEM helps to combat the causes of irregular migration and contributes to Parliament's mandate to strategically link international cooperation with the issue of migration;
  • based on internationally recognised environmental, social and governance criteria, supports the establishment of sustainable and responsible companies in developing and emerging countries;
  • strengthens the resilience of these countries and companies with regard to global risks such as pandemics and the effects of climate change;
  • contributes to the achievement of international environmental goals and in particular to the mitigation of climate change and its associated negative consequences;
  • promotes gender equality through the economic empowerment of women
  • strives to meet the highest standards of integrity, transparency and professionalism, and accordingly, enjoys a good reputation and high regard among the public.